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Ink Painted TreesMembertou is a thriving community located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The Mi’kmaq people of Membertou and their ancestors have lived in this area since time immemorial, long before the arrival of the Europeans to these lands.

The culture and history that the Mi’kmaq of Membertou maintains are gifts that have been passed on to them from their ancestors. Their oral history and traditions are significant and unique when considering Indigenous experiences.

The Community of Membertou and its Elders recognized the importance of sharing their exclusive culture and history will all people, and realize that this sharing and celebration must come from the community itself. The opening of the Membertou Heritage Park in June 2012 marked this sharing of the unique culture that is Membertou.

The Membertou Heritage Park consists of a five-acre site that offers a living history of the people of Membertou. A large indoor exhibit and program area offers the visitor full immersion to an ancient culture. Through the Blossoms and Berries Donation Campaign the Membertou Heritage Park will be expanding their landscape in the future.

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The Park honours the spirituality and the strength of the Membertou people telling the story of Membertou, educating and sharing the Mi’kmaq culture and assisting in preserving the Mi’kmaq heritage. Through the Membertou Heritage Park, all peoples have the opportunity to touch, feel and learn while experiencing firsthand Membertou’s rich culture.

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