The 1901 Census is a digital file that is available on the Automated Geneaology Website at: .

This information is from the Canadian Census for 1901 and identifies residents of the King's Road Indian Reserve, for that time period.

This document identifies the names of the people who resided in Sydney at the King's Road Indian Reserve , beginning in 1871 to 1914.

The names were taken from various census documents and Indian Affairs Documents.

Please Note:  All people who resided at Kings Road may not be identified, as often, when Census were undertaken, many times individuals may have been away visiting on another Mi'kmaq community.

Source: Membertou Research Department

This early edition of the Micmac News was created by Roy Gould, prior to the establishment of the Native Communication Society, which was responsible for publishing the Micmac News for nearly 30 years.  In this edition Roy provides insightful stories regarding the activities in the communities, including a historical story regarding the Chapel located at Chapel Island. Letters to the Editor and obituaries are also included.

Within this early edition of the Micmac News, Roy Gould provides a cover story regarding the sudden death of Chief Ben Christmas of Membertou. Chief Ben Christmas was a renowned Mi’kmaq leader and in this edition Roy provides a narrative regarding the life of Chief Ben Christmas. Other stories featured include an article on Folklore, the issue of Indian Education, a new Alcoholics Anonymous group established, community updates and Letters to the Editor.

This is an early addition of the Micmac News from 1966, which was developed by Roy Gould, in conjunction with the Membertou Youth Group. In 1969 Roy Gould, along with Noel Doucette, would become co-editors and founders of the Micmac News. In this edition Roy provides articles on various initiatives occurring in the Mi’kmaq communities. This includes stories regarding Mi’kmaq students organizing at St. F.X. University and establishing their own student club, a Land dispute in the community of Millbrook, an article regarding Eskasoni and the new prayer house built there in 1910, and many other articles as well.