Membertou vs. Sydney

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The City of Sydney Standing Committee at the recent meeting was told that the services provided to the residents of Membertou were not satisfactory.

To date no street lights have been put up, no street maintenance given, delay on a $15,000.00 capital project, and poor Policing services. The committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Charlie Palmer reviewed the items to some extend as was prepared to bring these to the attention to the City’s Department Heads.

The meeting was called by Chief Roy Gould as a result of a recent Band Meeting held at Membertou and the dissatisfaction expressed by the residents of the Membertou Reserve.

In attendance at the meeting were: Chief Roy Gould, Councilors Donnie Marshall, John Ginnish, Education Committee members and the Band staff. On behalf of the City of Sydney, Deputy Mayor Charlie Palmer, Alderman James Lovelace, Elizabeth Vaughan and Vince MacNeil attended the meeting.